Jul 11, 2007

Those Were the Days

As you may or may not know (and almost certainly don't care), my formative career years were spent in the service of that stalwart cornerstone of American commerce, Kinko's. That's right, I was there. I was there when they came up with the slogan, "Kinko's: A New way to Office." And it made as little sense then as it does now.

Ah, those were good times: getting accosted by insane drifters who want to photocopy their poorly-worded manifestos, being exposed to tuberculosis, spending a relaxing lunch hour in the half-flooded, flea-infested basement with the rats, and earning a hefty $9.25 an hour in New York City.

Well, times have changed, and Kinko's is now part of Federal Express, but it's gratifying to know that, deep down, they really haven't changed that much.

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