Aug 31, 2007

The David Lynch of the Dollhouse

My 3-year-old daughter is a bit ... avant-garde, shall we say?

S: Who wants to go down the slide?
Me (voicing Ken, I think): Oh, I do, I do!
S: Who wants to ride on the turtle?
Me (voicing Shaggy): Like, I do!
S: Who wants to go in the turtle?
Me: ... What?
S: Dress up!
Me: Oh, okay. (voicing Shaggy) I do! Now I'm the turtle!
S: Let's open the turtle.
Me: Okay.
S: What's in it?
Me: Look, it's Shaggy!
S: NO. It's a wonderful present from my mother and father!
Me: ... Wrapped in a turtle?
S: Yes.

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