Aug 13, 2007

Flight of the Conchords

Never seen this show, but if this clip is any indication, I will definitely have to check it out:

Bunch more here for your viewing pleasure.


Genesis said...

It's so awesome! I saw several episodes when I was visiting my sister and am considering subscribing to HBO just for this show...absolutely hilarious.

Anonymous said...

Great show. If you end up getting HBO, you can view the episodes in order on their ON DEMAND feature.

My favorite line in one of their songs a few episodes back, "man, will you stop cock-blocking me," set to disco. Priceless.

-The Dingo Master

Genesis said...

My personal fave is "I'm the mother-flipping rhymenocerous"...

For weeks I've been singing to myself "Who's the mother-flipping?" "I'm the mother-flipping..."