Aug 15, 2007

A Simple Illustration

The other day (week, whatever), I was listening to NPR coverage of a debate among the Democrat presidential hopefuls that was hosted by a Gay and Lesbian group. The story mentioned that the group had invited the Republican candidates to have a similar debate/discussion but that they had all declined.

This is a sterling example of why Republicans are just better at this game than Democrats: They don't bother trying to woo people they will never in a million years get support from.

How many times recently have we seen Democrats hedge on withdrawing from Iraq? On secret courts and wiretapping? On gay marriage? They walk on eggshells around these and countless other topics because they are afraid of offending ... who, exactly?

By and large, Democrats are all for withdrawing from Iraq. I don't know a single person (much less a single Democrat) who thinks giving the government carte blanche to wiretap Americans is a good idea. And is support for gay marriage really going to make somebody vote Republican who wasn't already inclined to do so?

So why pander to people who aren't even going to vote for you? Why compromise your principles for little to no political gain? These aren't even issues that big business really gives a crap about, so I doubt money is going to dry up. Quite the contrary, really, since these are issues that liberal Hollywood takes very seriously; a candidate who actually laid it on the line might win considerable support.

No, wait. Dennis Kucinich did, and he's probably not going to get the nomination, because Democrats are afraid he would alienate right-wing voters. Yeah, those right-wing Democrats are a vital demographic...

I swear, this act that the Democrats put on is so pathetic it makes me ill. They're like high school nerds trying to imitate the cool kids, who are laughing behind their backs.

(Except, in this case, the cool kids are entrenched dogmatic misanthropes with a stranglehold on our society and no respect for anything but their own agenda.)

And now, back to our regularly-scheduled vacuous, semi-comical rambling...


The Dingo Master said...

The Dingo Master approves of ranty rants.

-The Dingo Master

Ink Gorilla said...

well articulated. I'm feeling no love for either party. Makes me wish for a third alternative that didn't involve crazy texas billionares or unelectable environmentalists. We only seem to think in two colors these days.