Oct 3, 2007

Circular Reasoning on the Road

Three Year-Old: I want "We're in this Together."
Me: I don't have my iPod, do you want to hear Radio Disney? *tunes XMRadio*
TYO: Can I hear "Crazy Frog?"
Me: No, it's radio, honey. I can't make it play a certain song, like on the iPod.
TYO: Can I hear "Stroller Town?"
Me: No. Honey. It's ... look, it's not like the iPod, I can't make a song play. We just have to listen to whatever it plays, okay?
TYO: Okay. ... Can I hear "Podsafe Christmas?"
Me: No! Please, honey, I can't make it play a specific song! It plays whatever it wants to play, like ... well, like a radio. Do you understand?
TYO: Uh huh. ... How about Wiggles?
Me: *counts slowly in head* Honey--

At this point, Radio Disney begins playing "Crazy Frog."

TYO: *grins triumphantly* See?

1 comment:

Ixtlilton said...

just another example of the "magic of Disney"- they know exactly what their audience wants.