Nov 6, 2007

"...and then a bunch of ninjas come in through the skylight."


I'm starting to think I should have done a lot more prepping for this NaNoWriMo. I'm only about a day and quarter or so behind schedule, but my attitude has gone pretty sour. Now I feel like I'm telling two completely different stories, only one of which is even vaguely interesting, and I'm struggling to make much headway.

I added part of a prelude to try to give the damn thing some context, but, really, I can only give it the illusion of context since there is literally no continuity for it to flesh out.

I'm starting to debate the merit of pounding out word count just for the sake of pounding out word count. I really hope something catches pretty soon or this is going to be a major chore.

1 comment:

Denneye said...

Keep pluggin' man, a break will come.

I'd be inclind to support you on your word count thinking. But I'm guessing it's too early to decide.

If you make your word count quota on day 1, and then hate it and throw half of it away the next day, are you then that many words behind?

OR perhaps the rules are more what you'd call "guidelines"...

Good luck, now stop reading this and get back to writing.