Dec 27, 2007

Cautionary Tale

Did you hear about this? How frightening!

This lady has changed her habit of how she carries her baby after her stroller was stolen. Her stroller which contained her purse, mobile, baby, etc., was stolen and she was distraught. She called her husband from a pay phone to tell him what had happened and he says "you were just here and asked for your PIN number, our safe-deposit-box key, and a big tongue kiss, at least I assumed it was you because the person was carrying our baby, but now come to think of it he did have a serious moustache."

They rushed down to the bank and found out that all of their money was gone and that all of their accounts including their mortgage had been put in their baby's name and the baby had been labeled as a roll of quarters and deposited. Moral of the lesson: take a good look at anyone you're going to kiss to make sure that they're not just a hairy stranger with your baby.

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