Nov 5, 2008

America Wins, California Loses

I'm kind of surprised at how mixed my reaction is to this election result.

Obama, obviously, I'm thrilled for. Unquestionably the most significant and positive political event since the fall of the Berlin Wall, if not before.

But California ... I'm just stunned and ashamed of my state for passing Proposition Hate.

Why, why, why would you do this?

We pass a law giving chickens more rights, but slap gay and lesbian humans in the face?

Make no mistake: If you voted "YES" for Proposition 8, you are either a bigot or an idiot.

Your choice. You're not a "conservative" -- true conservatives want less government mucking with our personal lives. You're not a "Christian" -- no one was going to force Christian churches to perform or endorse same-sex marriage. You're not "protecting children" or "families" -- same-sex couples have children and families just like everyone else, and your petty insistence on marriage being defined the way you think it should be doesn't make those families any less valid (thank God).

You have intentionally changed the constitution to limit the rights of a group you don't like.

Shame on you, California.


Ink Gorilla said...

I don't think I could have said it any better, Rude Morgue.

Genesis said...

I feel exactly the same! I was so elated with Obama's win last night, and was still hopeful about prop 8 even though the yes vote had an early lead. But this morning I am so disappointed. Even my uber-conservative mom and stepdad seemed to see the awfulness of this proposition - it made me hopeful that others would, too.

Exodus said...

Thank God? If you want God's opinion, check the Bible.

A. Riedel said...

Where in the Bible - where Jesus said "Love thy neighbor"? Or where Leviticus has been intentionally mistranslated? I hope you don't eat cheeseburgers!