Jun 1, 2009


Rating: 95/99 Luftbaloons

Bit of a Fargo experience here.

I mean, yeah, it was a very good movie, but my expectations were so high from the "Jesus has come again and lo! He is playing at a cineplex near you"-level of praise the movie received that I was only very pleased, rather than reduced to a slobbering mass of moviegoer.

On the other hand, I keep hearing that it's "almost as good as Wall-E," which is retarded because it's considerably better than Wall-E.

Wall-E had a fantastic first act followed by a merely okay second and third. Up has a fantastic first act followed by a hysterical second act and a spectacular third.

Tiny gripe:

To say a movie about a man who flies his house to South America using children's helium balloons stretches credibility may sound a bit stupid, but I did find myself pulled out of the film a few times by "unrealistic" bits. For the most part, these involved heroic and/or acrobatic actions on the part of the elderly protagonist who, despite the fact that he needs a cane to walk (slowly) can, when called to action, support the weight of a very fat kid and two large animals on the end of a length of garden hose, with nothing to brace himself on. He is also able to scale a nearly-horizontal ladder upside-down -- a feat that I seriously doubt I could duplicate, despite my lack of elderly-ness.

Huge gripe:

The theatre we saw it at, for some reason, did not show us the new Pixar short beforehand. What the hell, people?

Still, it's a great movie. Just don't sit in front of a kid whose parents don't give a fuck if he kicks your chair the entire time.

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Genesis said...

I went to see it yesterday. Packed theater - I was lucky to find a seat on the end of a row. I saw it in 3D, which is totally unnecessary for this movie. But unfortunately, my mom called me to come and get my inconsolable son, so I had to leave before the end (ah, parenthood). Think I missed about 10-15 minutes, but I loved what I saw. Can't wait to see the rest.