May 13, 2011

Improv 101

It's a little irritating when you go into something thinking you're going to be great at it and you're just so-so. That's what comes of taking a class with a bunch of talented people, I guess.

We had our fifth (of eight) session of Improv 101 with the Upright Citizens Brigade last night, and the above statement notwithstanding, I'm having a very good time. I'm also getting a serious appreciation for the people who get up there and do this in public several nights a week. It takes a hell of a lot of brainpower. It's one thing to toss out an unscripted line in a show every once in a while, but creating something entertaining out of nothing at all, on the fly, is a completely different animal.

I'm glad that taking the class also allows us to go to shows at the UCB Theatre for free. It's a good excuse to see some damn entertaining performances. So far, I've seen the comedy team "The Smokes" three times, and had a great time at every show.

Three more weeks (give or take) and then we get to put on our own "final exam" show and consider moving on to the next level of classes. I strongly suspect I'll be taking 201.

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