Oct 12, 2007

This is a worrying development...

Normally, the threat to humanity from spiders is constituted mainly by "Eeek! I'm such a puss that I am afraid of an animal 1/100000th my body weight!" moments.

Fortunately, spiders are generally a solitary lot. Humans, as social animals, often have a mate or other companion who is not paralyzed by arachnophobia. Thus, since we don't seem able to beat them using simple common sense, we can at least rely upon the fact that they are solitary, and unlikely to call upon reinforcements to overcome us with their eight-legged awfulness.

At least, that used to be the case.

An amateur spider researcher recently discovered a tarantula species in Peru big enough to kill a hen that, unlike other tarantulas, doesn't cannibalize it's young, but rather hunts with them in a pack to take down larger prey!

That's right: A pack of friggin' spiders. Tarantulas, no less.

We can only hope that John Goodman will once again come to our aid in this dark time.

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