Jan 20, 2008

Blue Pencil Addendum: Cringeworthy Titles

Just skimming Xlibris's bookstore, some of the titles are truly fascinating*:

  • Downfall of America and Europe by Illegal Immigrants and Fanatic Religious
  • The Superior Brain of Women and Calculus
  • The Greatest Secrets Ever Revealed to Be Younger Every Day
  • The Last and Only Solution to Overweight
  • Forgotten Heartbeat of the Living Ancient
  • Jasperado, Outlaw Cat of the West
  • Was Achilles a Jew?
  • God's Touchdowns!
  • God's Holy Plan to Save Earth
  • Vampires of the Future and the Planet of Bondage

Okay, that last one is pretty hard to top, so I'll just leave the list at 10.

*I should point out that the first four books on this list are all by the same author, who must be admired for publishing, unedited, in what can't possibly be her first language.

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