Feb 7, 2012

Five Things Wrong with Avatar that Aren't the Plot

Because I like commenting on movies I saw a couple years ago and thought were kinda "meh." Also because I forgot to post this at the time.

  1. Cameron missed the opportunity to create something more profound when Jake communes with Aywa. I would have liked to hear something, anything significant to Jake himself rather than just crowd noises signifying the spirits of Na'vi past. How about his brother's voice? I think Grace's voice would have been too cheesy.
  2. Who the hell watches their brother be cremated? Here's a hint, Jim: No one.
  3. Who the hell pitches a job to a guy while he watches his brother being cremated? For a hint, see #2.
  4. Col. Quartich could really have used a tiny shred of humanity. He was such a cartoonish villain that a twirlable mustache seemed like an omission. Contrast that with the equally violent and genocidal Lt. Coffey from The Abyss: despite everything he did you actually could feel a tiny bit of empathy for him right before he was crushed to death.
  5. I think we needed to see Jake tame the Toruk, or at least be told why it was considered such a big deal. The way it was presented made it seem a lot easier than when he tamed the Ikran (the banshee). Hell, even the Pa'li (the horse-thing) seemed more difficult to master.

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