Jan 25, 2013

Hah! Made you look.

Desperate plea for attention or novelty post based on an email I happened to get from the blog traffic monitor? Who can say?

Well, thanks for looking anyway. For those of you visiting from Facebook or Twitter, this is what we used to do before technology advanced to the point that we could distill all important things down to about 40 words. I hear there was an even older technology based on some kind of crazy paper (like toilet paper? LOL) contraption, but the details are sketchy.

Anyway. Maybe I'll post here some more, since I have a vague idea that it's better to write even these little bits of nothing than to just fiddle around on the internet ... wait. Actually, this is just fiddling around on the internet. Shit.

Well. Let's say I reserve the right to write something here that isn't totally pointless. Whether or not I'm even capable of exercising that right these days is debatable. Maybe I'll just talk about improv or video games -- the two subjects I am most conversant with these days other than SQL and C#, which are not big crowd pleasers.

So, I guess it's time to think some shit up!

After coffee.

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